ThaiEnglish (UK)

Provide legal consulting service on legal problems
1. Accept the job of conducting the case.
2. Accept the job of being the legal consultant for individual or juristic person.
3. Provide services on making the contracts, checking and amending all types of specific contract in Thai and other languages.
4. File administration suit or file a petition for repealing administrator File co-administration suit File a petition for distribution of inheritance.
5. File a petition for divorce Claim for maintenance File application for custody of children; Claim for compensation from adulterer.
6. File a petition for acting on behalf of minor in the case of selling any property owned by minor File a petition for affiliation.
7. Child adoption services Revocation of adoption.
8. Criminal and civil cases on loan, suretyship, enforcement of mortgage.
9. Bounced check.
10. Cases sued by consumers against entrepreneurs on insecure product or poor standard product
11. Breach of share contracts caused by host or clients cheated by share.
12. Breach of construction contracts in the part of contractor and employer
13. Administrative cases (e.g., filing a petition against administrative authorities ordering illegal administrative order, Fie appeal against administrative order to commander or administrative authority of commander, filing a petition for revocation of administrative order, etc.)
14. Breach of lease contracts or hire-purchase contracts (especially car) Defend against the litigation on breach of car and motorcycle hire-purchase contracts.
15. Eviction Demolition Claim for indemnity.
16. File a petition for restitution of property.
17. Mutual right of ownership of land cases ; Check land survey.
18. Apply for servitude; Apply for way of necessity to court.
19. File a petition for hostile possession.
20. File a petition for revocation of legal transaction; Revocation of fraud and threat
21. Will writing services; Disinheritance; Consideration on representation of inherited heir Objection against administration.
22. Gratuitous gift Revocation of gratuitous due to ingratitude.
23. File a petition for division of ownership, especially unmarried couples.
24. Copyright infringement cases; Claiming for indemnities – expense for the lost earning from car utilization Claim for car depreciation.
25. Bankruptcy case and application for business reorganization Submit application for debt repayment
26. Prosecution against labor cases; Claim for compensation of unfair dismissal.
27. Criminal proceeding Associate as prosecutor with public prosecutor in criminal cases.
28. Defamation cases defamatory libel (via internet)
29. Asset misappropriation.
30. Misappropriation of employer's property.
31. Simple assault cases to serious assault.
32. Malicious damage cases.
33. Narcotic cases Offence on drug possession for consuming and selling.
34. Tax cases; Tax appeal; Tax payment planning
35. Contact the government agencies and coordinate with government agencies on various affairs.
36. File a petition, application, and documents to all government authorities for business licensing according to legal rules and regulations.
37. Bailing and bail bond, etc.
38. Cases on medical bills, medical treatment; Claim for indemnity from physicians in private and public hospitals who are found guilty of negligence and failure to comply with Principles of Medical Professionalism.
39. Provide registration services for establishing and amending partnership and company Provide commercial registration services for establishing juristic body, foundation, and association.
40. Debt collection service Negotiate with financial institutions on debts; Debt negotiation or compounding for the case of prosecution.
41. Asset investigation service; Enforcement of judgment. Intervene claim; Claim for Separation of Property; Supervise auction; Object against asset selling.
42. Write/amend appeal and petition.
43. Legalization services; Signature notarization (Notarial Services Attorney)
44. Translation services with certified true translation.
45. Apply for/Change Visa non-B non-0 , Work Permit.