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Visa application services/ Visa Service / Translation service /
1. Provide Services for renewal of Non-Immigrant Visa (Non-B) and Business Visa
2. Renewal of Non-Immigration Visa (O-A)
3. Renewal of Non-Immigrant Visa (Non-O)
4. Renewal of Spouse Visa/ Renewal of Non-Immigration Visa (Non-ED)
5. Renewal of Non-Immigration O
6. Inform residence and 90 Days Report to Immigration
7. Renewal of Visa on Arrival, Submit the application for permanent residence in the Kingdom, Submit the application for 90 day extended stay
8. Submit the application for extension of temporary stay in the kingdom/ RE-ENTRY PERMIT
9. Submit the application for change of visa, type of visa, tourist visa, passport/ cancel visa/ Submit the application for work permit/ Work permit/ Submit the work permit/ Renewal of work permit/ Arrange work permit, arrange address of foreigners, Submit the application for adding and changing the place of work/ Arrange work position, combine work positions for foreigners who work two places of work, add place of work
10. Cancel permit.
     2. return work permit.