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Legalization and notarization services (Notary Public)
1.Provide consulting on notary public documents for legal transactions and enforcement with another country.
2. Provide legalization services for oversea utilization.
3. Affidavit of support/Sponsor notarization.
4. Provide translation services for general documents and official documents.
5. Provide legalization services for certified true translation; Public documents legalization Signature notarization.
6. Certified true individual status Signature notarization of directors of company limited and public company limited for submitting to Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce.
*** Notarial Services Attorney ***
is an official who is licensed by the state to authenticate signatures or documents, and the witnessing of affidavits or statements of persons under oath. Mostly, those documents are utilized in abroad or embassies of foreign countries located in Thailand. For foreigners, they may understand and feel familiar with Notary Public but they may have no idea whether there are Notary Publics in Thailand and who they are. Currently, some lawyers are given the authority to function as Notarial Services Attorney in Thailand by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. These Notarial Services Attorneys are generally found in common legal offices. However, those Notarial Services Attorneys are required to be licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand prior being called as Notarial services Attorney with the equal authority to Notary Public. Currently, the Lawyers Council of Thailand regulated the Regulation of the Lawyers Council on Registration of Notarial Services Attorney in 2003 and opened a training course on Notarial Services for providing to attorneys who wish to be Notarial Services Attorney and any attorney who passes this training course shall be licensed. The formats of notarization according to the Regulation of the Lawyers Council of Thailand are various as follows:
1.Verification to the authenticity of signatures in document.
2.Verification legal transactions made by private sectors.
3.Certification of translation.
5.Verification of true copy.
6.Attestation and verification of documents.
7.Administration of oaths.
8.Administration of affirmations.
9.Objection against instrument.
10.Verification of individual.
11.other functions as defined by laws.
As a result, you, either Thai or foreigner, should select the notarization services from licensed notarial services attorney certified by the Lawyers Council of Thailand when you wish to use any notarization service for utilizing your documents in Thailand or abroad. Consequently, such notarization shall be complete and correct as well as be able to be utilized and accepted worldwide. The notary fee of above notarization service is reasonable and fair and the service rate is mainly upon the importance of each document.